Last Minute Easter Centerpieces for You!!!

Hi Everyone! 

So it’s Spring and I thought it is a perfect opportunity to ‘spring’ back into the ED Blog world, giving you fresh ideas and keeping you updated in our event world.

Later, I will introduce to you Diane Schultz, our new and wonderful intern!  But for now, I thought we would share some last minute Easter centerpieces with you!  With Easter being just three days away, here are some fresh, creative centerpieces that will grab everyone’s eye and make your family or friend gathering a hit!

Centerpiece ideas credit to Preston Bailey.




If you would rather just have something on the smaller and simpler side, check out these stunning pink roses (maybe even from your own garden!).


I hope that you enjoy some of these last minute ideas and that they may spark up some of your own creativity, and enjoy time with your family and friends this coming Easter Sunday. 

Happy Easter!!!   Thankful for the reminder of the power in Jesus.    


About Andrea Shabaglian

Founder and CEO of MadeForThem and Owner of Events Divine Andrea has more than twelve years of experience in the hospitality and event management industries. She has owned her own Event Management Firm since 2003, and has been very successful in her field with both private and corporate clients. Andrea is passionate and burdened for injustice. With a call from God on her life to do her part, Andrea sees the benefits that the fashion and arts industries can bring to raise awareness and bring financial resources to the cause of human trafficking and other social justice causes. Thus, MadeForThem was born. “My biggest pride is being a mom and having a family. I love having experiences in life, from sitting at a café sipping on a chai tea, traveling to new and old places, chatting it up with strangers and when presented, offering a cup of cold water. I’m rejuvenated in nature, I enjoy people watching, solitude and time of reflection, senior citizens and intimate worship with God my Creator. I am very nostalgic and can be creative. I enjoy problem solving and am not afraid to dream big.”
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