Last Minute Easter Centerpieces for You!!!

Hi Everyone! 

So it’s Spring and I thought it is a perfect opportunity to ‘spring’ back into the ED Blog world, giving you fresh ideas and keeping you updated in our event world.

Later, I will introduce to you Diane Schultz, our new and wonderful intern!  But for now, I thought we would share some last minute Easter centerpieces with you!  With Easter being just three days away, here are some fresh, creative centerpieces that will grab everyone’s eye and make your family or friend gathering a hit!

Centerpiece ideas credit to Preston Bailey.




If you would rather just have something on the smaller and simpler side, check out these stunning pink roses (maybe even from your own garden!).


I hope that you enjoy some of these last minute ideas and that they may spark up some of your own creativity, and enjoy time with your family and friends this coming Easter Sunday. 

Happy Easter!!!   Thankful for the reminder of the power in Jesus.    

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A Gift for Mom

So I told you that I would share more creative ideas with you and lately I have been feeling VERY crafty, so be on the lookout.

For my mother’s birthday I made a picture keychain and if you have the time and are still looking for the perfect MOTHER’S DAY GIFT – this could be it!

At first I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to make …a pendant, a charm (to add to her charm bracelet), a whole new bracelet, a keychain, I just bought everything I thought I might use.  (If I don’t have a specific plan, I like to have plenty of options to let the creative juices flow …the latter option is not recommended for those on a budget – having options can get expensive).

Step 1First I laid out all of my “options” 
Step 2

I decided on a Gold keychain for my mom with the children's birthstones. (They didn't have Aquamarine, so blue topaz will have to do).

Step 3I printed out my pictures at various sizes to make sure I would have the correct size for each charm.
Step 4After gluing the picture to the charm, I bushed about 3 coats of glaze over each picture. I used Triple Thick, but they also have something called Diamond Glaze.
Step 5

I glued in my rhinestones and linked my chain to the lengths I wanted and wa'la!

I was hoping you can see the shimmer from the glaze here and how clean it looks.

I am SO in love with this new craft that I already have something picked out for me …

(Oh and by the way – she loves it!)  😉

(Now, I have made jewelry before so I am sorry, I realized I 
just skipped over some of the assembly of the charms and chain)
Until next time! XOXO, Andrea
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Hat Fever Anyone?!!!

Hats!    Hats!    Beautiful Hats!    Beautiful Hats with a Cherry on top!

 (Or Fascinators)

Of course the Royal Wedding is sure to set some new trends and I am hoping that one of them is the hat!  Seems to me that I have only seen such stunning and spectacular hats adorned at the Kentucky Derby and the Royal (British) Wedding.  What a fun accessory!!  And America needs some fashion refinement if I do say so myself!

My mom will often mention how there was a time when women would wear their formal dresses and best jewelry just to go out for dinner.  Have you heard of your “Sunday Best”?  Where have these days gone?  I envy the women who lived in those eras a bit.  What opportunities they had to feel extra special and beautiful and I think we need more occasions today to take real advantage of fashion and feeling good about ourselves.  Why not wear them for any and every celebration!
(There are a few of you women who do well on this and to you I “tip my hat”).

So hundreds of hats, or should I say literally WOrkS of ArT, were worn at the Royal Wedding and have started a craze!!  I googled some pics and pulled a few of my favorites for you.  There were a lot more in the crowd I saw that would have easily added, but could not find online, and NO Victoria Beckham (though I adored her shoes and dress) and the Socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson  DID NOT make my picture board, despite them being plastered all over the internet.  😉

I think if I had a few of these in my wardrobe repertoire that I pulled out for the right occasion, I might feel a bit more refined and elegant, maybe a bit spunky and as one royal wedding correspondent penned it, adds a “level of perfection”.  How would wearing a hat like these make you feel?

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Took/Taking Some Time Off

This gallery contains 3 photos.

It has been a long while since I have posted, but for VERY good reason!  We have welcomed the arrival of our second child, Symphony Marie!! In the meantime, while we continue to enjoy and goo over our new bundle … Continue reading

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Kimmy and Marshall

This is a post I have been meaning to do for some time now.  Since their wedding is just next weekend I think I surely need to get these out for you to see.

I have known the Bride for maybe ten years now.  I call her Kimmy, but she has matured and now is known by Kim, however to me she will always be Kimmy.  She is very dear to my heart and I am honored to be a part of such a special day in her life.  She is marrying a great man who will love, honor and respect her all of his days.  I cannot wait for these two to share in one romantic day they have created!!

I have been working with the family for just a few months now and I LOVE them all.  Both Kimmy and Marshall have terrific parents who I just adore and are extremely hospitable.  I will skip the design details for this post, because you will just have to see them for yourselves next week after I post some pictures.  But for now, here are some pics from their amazing engagement photo shoot.

If you want a glimpse of their wedding imagine this picture coming to life….


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

CONGRATULATIONS Kimmy and Marshall!!!!

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Red Hat Ladies in Full Effect!

Yesterday we were blessed to serve the Red Hat Ladies at a special shopping day reserved for them at Macys.  It was hosted luncheon by L’Oeral, desserts by various purveyor’s, lemonade by Auntie Annies, Hat contests all day and Dessert Decor and Hat Raffle by Events Divine!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We love to be in the community, and this event was a bonus!  These ladies know how to have fun!  Feathers… red and purple …now that’s a good combo!

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You’re Invited!!

As you have seen, EventsDivine has had A LOT of growth spurts recently.  One of these is the downtown office!!

EventsDivine’s main office will be downtown on Fulton Street next to Warnors Theater, Star Palace and Frank’s Place and across the street from KJWL and The Grand.  And we are officially opening our doors with …a party of course!!

Everyone is invited to stop by any time between 4:30 and 8pm for refreshments and see our new space!

Remember that evening is Art Hop so you may want to pop into KJWL or the All Things Fresno Store while your down there!!

We look forward to seeing all of your faces!

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